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Full Body Rabbit

Welcome to the Warren...

Drop your bag and stay awhile.

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The $CAROT Coin

Earn $CAROT coin for each Bobby Rabbit you hold!

  • Earn 1 $CAROT per rabbit per day!
  • $CAROT is airdropped weekly to all wallets holding Rabbits,
    Rabbits listed on the secondary marketplaces do not earn $CAROT
  • Cash your $CAROT out for SOL at any time (inquire in discord)
  • Use your $CAROT to purchase raffle tickets for Solana NFTS,
    Merchandise and Exclusive Rewards
  • Save your $CAROT for exclusive Bobby Rabbits' metaverse character collection releases including
    the Hunny Bunnies - coming soon!
$carot Coin


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Phase one

Launch Alpha Fund

Cultivate the $CAROT and FEED the RAbbits

Mint 1000 Rabbits

Phase Two

Hatch Secret Icy Rabbit Eggs

Brand Redesign and Dashboard Launch

Travelling Bobby! Where will he end up!

Raffles for Merch and NFTs using $CAROT

RAbbitverse Character Development

Phase Three

Develop Animated Series

Place Rabbits in the Metavers with Graffiti Style Game

Establish On-chain DAO Governance

Phase Four

Expand the RabbitVerse - Characters and Infastructure

Allow DAO Governance to Control Future

The Team

The artist guy
Bobby is the legendary artist and co-founder behind Bobby Rabbits. He was born and raised in LA, where he currently resides. Bobby started doing graffiti in High School and moved on to canvas later on. He has now been painting on canvas for about 8 years. He is also responsible for our social media channels and does some heavily lifting when it comes to community outreach. His hands-on involvement in the project every step of the way has created a genuine community who feel a deep connection to the characters in our NFTs. He is currently bringing more characters to the Rabbitverse!
The business guy
Bryan is the co-founder of Bobby Rabbits and is responsible for the marketing and business operations.  In 2013, Bryan obtained his Series 7 and 63 FINRA licenses and became a stock broker for E*TRADE. Seven years later in 2020, he ended his financial career with a Series 66 license managing a book of clients worth over $200 million. He graduated from Auburn with a degree in marketing and is the man with the marketing plan. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his family and enjoys music production and videography in his spare time.
The computer guy
Tyler is the newest member of the team and assumed his role from within the Bobby Rabbit's community.  He has a background in technology and education. Tyler manages the development of NFT technology for Bobby Rabbits. He currently lives in Iowa where he spends his time producing music and exploring the world of blockchain technology. Having risen from the new member rank to having a major role in the project, Tyler embodies one of the fundamental missions of Bobby Rabbits - bringing together  like-minded folks to build something great together.
A special thank you to our community members who have made this all possible.
Our Sponsors, Moderators and Alpha Team.

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Traveling Bobby

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Lil Bobby Hits LA, California!!


Lil Bobby Hits Shreveport, Louisiana!!